Kima Whitepaper
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Blockchains are siloed. Web3 apps built within those ecosystems are constrained by their on-chain liquidity. Many of the solutions developed for these challenges - known as bridges - suffer from flaws and vulnerabilities: security, user experience, complexity, and poor capital efficiency.
Kima addresses these challenges in a unique way, by creating a Web3 settlement layer, which enables interchain transactions. With this novel approach, liquidity can be transferred between chains in a safe, secure, and cost-effective manner - enabling the most reliable omnichain solution.
There are two key concepts that distinguish the Kima solution: Its unique security is achieved by eliminating all known attack vectors (no smart contracts, no oracles, no external relayers) and adding multiple layers of security (such as using a Trusted Execution Environment (using Intel SGX) and decoupled validation). As a result, the protocol uses game theory and financial incentives to maintain the liquidity equilibrium and maximize capital efficiency.
As a result, Kima's infrastructure simplifies and speeds up the creation of secure Omnichain applications.
Last modified 1yr ago