Kima Whitepaper
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The potential for decentralized finance (DeFi), blockchain, and digital currencies is now measured in trillions of dollars in market capitalization. The market is exploding with options and opportunities for the financial ecosystem, but until now there has not been an optimal solution for applications that wish to operate across cryptocurrencies. Applications do suffer from performance delays, security flaws, and fragmented liquidity as a result of relying on insecure bridges, slow centralized exchanges, and inefficient token wrapping.
The Kima platform solves this problem. Its model of decentralized liquidity pools offers seamless cross-chain interoperability and exchange of digital assets by running a network of decentralized liquidity pools. Its highly secure and efficient protocol monitors and synchronizes assets across these blockchains via a liquidity management algorithm and provides a simple and secure mechanism for allowing users to perform cross-chain atomic transfers and swaps without token wrapping.
The entire platform is protected by best-in-class security protocols and mechanisms. It is more than adequately protected against the attendant risks of managing pools, as well as the ongoing risk of blockchain finality and impermanent loss.